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SEKTOR7 Institute

EvasionEDR By Matt Hand


URLDescriptionCategory GitHub repositoryPenetration Testing writing tutorial on Corelan.beExploit Development websiteCybersecurity GitHub repositoryMalware Analysis on obfuscating C2 during Red Team engagementRed Teaming GitHub repositorySecurity Tools – Platform Invoke for .NETProgramming GitHub repository (v1.6.0 release)Malware Analysis’s Virus Scan – File scanning toolAntivirus on direct syscalls in Red TeamingRed Teaming Robin anti-evasion exploit analysisExploit Analysis on process injection and EDR evasionCybersecurity Crowdstrike Falcon using entropyEvasion Techniques Point Evasions – Evasion techniquesEvasion Techniques Underground – Malware and Exploit CommunityMalware Analysis
Home – Unprotect ProjectSearch Evasion TechniquesEvasion Techniques

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