This website is created by Alaa Ghanim. I’m currently working as a penetration tester and this website is mainly used for documenting my cyber security journey. There is so much to learn and keep track of, so its kind of a library where I add everything new I learn and use it as a reference point.

I mostly edit CheatSheet I – Basic – BOOK_GHANIM and now that I’ve started OSEP last month (08.2023) I created a new CheatSheet that’s more advanced. CheatSheet II – Advanced – BOOK_GHANIM.

I usually enjoy red teaming tests with lateral movement in the network and AV evasion. I especially enjoy MalDev, but that’s a chapter I want to expand on in the future. (Going to buy Maldev Academy when I pass OSEP).

I also want to expand my knowledge in WebApp testing as well as that is a big part of my job. And of course, cloud testing.

The journey is long, but I enjoy every bit of it. There is always something to learn, and always someone better than you that you can learn from.

If you want to talk about hacking or maldev, feel free to add me on LinkedIn. Always looking to expand my network.